Are You Struggling with Loneliness as a Stay At Home Mom

The Struggle

Are you struggling with loneliness as a stay at home mom? I know that I definitely was and that’s what started this amazing journey of blogging for me. I actually saw a video on Facebook that was about how stay at home moms need other mom friends. It kind of compared the whole thing to dating. How you meet a mom and hope to have similar interests and hobbies. The awkward hellos and talking about yourself and your kids, your hobbies, parenting styles, etc, etc…it’s a lot of work to find a mommy BFF! And it made me even more painfully aware that I had absolutely NO mommy friends…or friends at all for that matter. (The name AntiSocial Mommy is real life y’all!)

are you struggling with loneliness and depression as a stay at home mom
Are you struggling with loneliness as a stay at home mom? You're not alone.
Are you struggling with loneliness as a stay at home mom? You’re not alone.

Of course, as a stay at home mom of two young boys, ages 1 and 2, I don’t necessarily have the time to get out there and meet other moms. I’m more of a homebody anyway. Aaaand I don’t usually like houseguests either. (I know, it sounds terrible but it’s true.) But I really was struggling as a stay at home mom and needed someone to talk to about it!

So where did that leave me? I was feeling lonely and isolated, and it was making me feel depressed. I knew I needed an outlet. Sure, I have my kids, their Daddy, and my mom. But that’s it. I needed mom friends that knew the way I was feeling and were going through the same things.

And I knew that there had to be other moms like me out there! So I started looking around online in different Facebook and social networking groups. I found that there were sooo many mom’s feeling the same way!

Hello Mommy Friends

I realized that there was a whole community of us out there who all needed to vent and needed an outlet. We need to have someone to talk to about our struggles and our fears, our frustrations, and our successes too!

With that, AntiSocialMommy was born! This site is for all of us. I want us to have a home here with each other. My goal here is for us to be able to reach out to each other and to know that there is someone out there listening and going through the same things. I want to reach out to all of you on a personal level. My goal here is to help moms along their journey in the way that YOU need to be helped!

Being a stay at home mom is amazing. It’s rewarding and it’s something that I will be eternally grateful to be able to do. BUT…that doesn’t mean that it’s without it’s struggles and frustrations. I think one of the hardest things is that it feels like if I complain then I feel like I’m saying that I wish things were different. I feel like if I’m telling my boyfriend that I’m stressed out and feeling frustrated, that he’ll see it as me complaining or not being appreciative of being able to stay home. So, I think that keeps me bottling up my feelings about it more than I would like. I know I’m not alone. What I want is to be able to reach out to one another and know that we have someone who KNOWS the struggle.

We’re in this together

I have a community on Facebook that I want to build for us Mommies to support one another. JUDGEMENT FREE! I’d love for you to join because we’re all in this together! Also, follow me on Pinterest for tips and ideas on how to live a more stress-free and purposeful Mommy life…and also some tips and tricks on how to maintain our sanity when our days are not going so awesome!

This is something I’m so seriously passionate about. It’s hard to look around at all the Mommies who seem to have it all together and feel like something is wrong with you. But I promise you, EVERYONE has their own struggles and no one has it all together.

So, join me so we can figure out this roller-coaster ride called Motherhood together! I’m happy to have you reading this and I’m happy to know that I’m not alone and neither are you! We’re in this together mama!

  1. Claire R.

    October 24, 2017 at 9:28 pm

    I feel you! I’m a stay at home mom too.

    1. Terri

      October 26, 2017 at 2:21 am

      Thank you! The struggle can be sooo real! But there’s nothing better than being able to be the one to be with them everyday and see every ‘first’. 🙂

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